The Metal Boat Society



A few of MBS resources are reserved for members.  The Society is recognizes two basic levels of membership:

Commercial Members
The typical commercial member is an entity with products and services to offer.  Our experience is the products have application within the various topics pursued by MBS.  A Commercial Member display is found on this site at Sponsors  Commercial Members often become presenters at various MBS functions.
Individual Members
Individual members typically pursue a dream.  Anyone may join MBS to deepen their experience in the technology MBS explores.  A large portion of members can be seen as amateur boat builders who pursue some aspect of boating with a metal focus.  Individual Members present their own project experience at MBS functions.

All Members share interests in some aspect of metal as a component of boats.  Member expertise might fall to the design, construction, maintenance, surveying, cruising, repair or restoration, of metal boats. Even while cruising and other boating activities, members turn to MBS to help satisfy their needs.


The MBS Rudder is the Society's online news and information page.    Members and non-Members are welcome to contribute articles.   Technical information, metal boat projects, and metal boat adventures are of particular interest.   We appreciate it if all Members let us know about your  boat project. See Contact page for details of where to submit articles and photos.


Each summer since MBS inception the society hosts the festival event.  See the Events for opportunity to join into rubbing shoulders with like-minded people.  More information on MBS festivals will be available on the website as plans firm up.


The MBS FORUM contains the most extensive collection of feature articles and member posts directly related to metal boats. Members find it to be a way to satisfy their own curiosity.  See the FORUM info page for a detail description.

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