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BREAKING NEWS: THE FORUM IS BACK ON-LINE.   With critical assistance from Skip Verduin we managed to bring the forum up again. If you follow the link below you will reach the sign_on page where you can sign on using your forum userID and password. You will get a message that the connection is not secure which you can ignore - this is due to the security certificate for the server URL being not up to date - we will get this rectified asap.

You will notice that the look and feel of the forum has changed significantly as the forum application has been changed to the "Vanilla Forum App". The contents however seems to have been preserved, so all of the great information available on the forum is still there. The look and feel needs a little work to make navigation easier. That is a work in process...

  Our apologies for the ball being resoundingly dropped. Please visit the forum to post your comments or metal boat questions. Also you can sign on to the Metal Boat Society Facebook page---we have an active group who likely will be able to answer your questions or respond to your forum related comments.

The technical content and access to the Forum is described under Resources.  Much of the content is available without Membership to the MBS.  Note: log in to Forum is separate from MBS Member login. 

Follow the link: Go To the Technical Forum in order to access the  Forum Home page

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