The Metal Boat Society

29th Annual Metal Boat Festival Information

           August 5-7, 2016 -- Anacortes, Washington 2016


The Metal Boat Society, abbreviated on this site as MBS, is a volunteer educational society.  The mission of MBS is to provide important information about metal and its use in boats, also the networking to ease the use of new information.  Such info is tailored to members needs.  The highlights of this Society are:

  • A Magazine, the Metal Boat Quarterly
  • This Website, including the Metal Boat Forum and access to various purchased items
  • Various Festivals featuring face-to-face networking

Several Resources pages are available to fully describe what may be found in MBS.  We find that no matter which stage of development members find themselves:

  • planning the vessel of their dreams
  • building or purchasing the boat to fill their expectations
  • fitting out or renovating the boat they own
  • perhaps even doing a major rebuild project
  • just routine maintenance on a boat as they cruise
  • selling a prized possession

MBS caters to metallic issues for boat enthusiasts with questions even if the hull is not made of metal.  We hope you will gain new insight into your personal interests as you read here.  As a member there is likely to be even more value found within the Society.  We hope you will return often. 


Society members are found world-wide.  Membership in the Society does bring some perks and added benefits however much of the material and interaction is readily available to anyone.  The majority of Members share interests in some aspect of metal as a component of boats.  Expertise might fall to the design, construction, maintenance repair, or restoration, of metal boats.  The Society provides a platform upon which Member experience may be shared.  Even while cruising and other related activities, members turn to MBS to satisfy their interests.

You need not login to utilize most of this web site.  When you choose to become a member, then member resources become available following a login to this site.  Membership may be obtained on line using the Join Us item in the menu above.

The society is operated entirely by unpaid member volunteers, including an Executive Board and volunteers drawn from members worldwide. Membership dues support the Quarterly, the Metal Boat Forum, and the website. Many affairs of the society are conducted at online "meetings."


Much of what MBS does may be viewed publicly -- no login required.  

Web Site

You are now reading the public site.  The menu above permits readers to see much of the present day activity in the Society.  Please be free to both look around and ask questions via email.

Online Boat Forum

The MBS FORUM is publicly accessible.  Most of the Forum content is available to be read and commented on.  Membership is needed to access some forum topics and services.

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