The Metal Boat Society


The Metal Boat Society (MBS) is a volunteer educational society whose mission is to create a community where information about metal boats and boating can be readily exchanged.  MBS supplies a range of information for all metal boat enthusiasts including:

  • planning the vessel of their dreams
  • building or purchasing the boat to fill their expectations
  • fitting out or renovating the boat they own
  • cruising and adventuring on metal boats
  • routine maintenance
  • selling a prized possession


The MBS was established 30 years ago by a handful of metal boat enthusiasts in the Puget Sound area.  The society is operated entirely by unpaid member volunteers.  Society members are found world-wide and range from hobbyists to professionals in the maritime industry.    Member expertise ranges from design to construction to maintenance-repair to cruising to surveying to restoration of metal boats.  The Society provides a platform upon which Member experience may be shared through our website, Facebook page, and metal boat festivals.  Membership dues support this website and metal boat festivals.  We appreciate the Membership and support of all commercial and private members for making it possible for everyone to share their metal boat experiences.

You need not login to utilize most of this web site.  When you choose to become a member, then member resources become available following a login to this site.  Membership may be obtained on line using the JOIN MBS item in the menu above.  

Note the MBS FORUM is publicly accessible.  Most of the Forum content is available to be read and commented on.  Membership is needed to access some forum topics and services.

Be sure to check out the MBS Rudder, MBS's new online news magazine.  We welcome content from Members and visitors alike.  Please contact us via email (see Contact )


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LLoyd Griffin, SAMS® AMS®, NAMS® CMS

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Clinton Evans,  AMS®,  SAMS®

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Marine Design

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